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Eswatini Water Services Corporation (EWSC)

The Eswatini Water Services Corporation (EWSC) is a body corporate duly established under the Water Services Corporation Act No.12 of 1992 as the sole provider of water services in the urban areas (water supply, and sewage treatment and disposal) and to control the abstraction of raw water from boreholes in those areas for which it is responsible. EWSC is a category ‘A’ Public Enterprise in terms of the Public Enterprise (Control and Monitoring) Act No.8 of 1989 and therefore it is wholly owned by Government.

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What we do

The objectives of the Corporation is to abstract , store, transport , purify and collect water, convey, treat and dispose sewage in areas specified in the schedule of the Water Services Act. The Corporation is mandated to:


  • Prepare schemes for the development of water resources and for the supply of water and construct, maintain and operate such schemes.
  • Keep under constant review the quality, reliability and availability of water supplies.
  • Control and regulate the production, treatment, storage, transmission, distribution and use of water for public purposes.
  • Design, construct, acquire, operate and maintain water works for the purpose of supplying water for public purposes and
  • Inspect and advise on the management, collection, production, transmission, treatment, storage, supply and distribution of water.

Social and Economic Considerations

The Eswatini Water Services Corporation has an obligation to reduce the number of people without access to clean water and proper sanitation irrespective of its commercial objective. It also has an economic obligation to provide water and sewer services to stimulate economic development where there are socio-economic benefits irrespective of business or financial viability. With regard to access to good quality water, Vision 2022 envisages a 100% coverage for the country.



To delight customers in the provision of potable water, wastewater disposal and other services.



To provide quality water and waste water services, effectively meeting customer needs in a growing market through sound management policies, strategies and improving technology, whilst maintaining a safe environment for our staff and community.


Our Core Values

Good Governance

  • We ensure that all our actions are morally and legally fair whilst treating all with respect

Performance and Continuous Improvement

  • We continually look for better ways of doing things

Ownership and Accountability

  • We respect the business as if it were our own and deliver on our commitments.

Communication and Transparency

  • We continuously communicate with and through our people in an honest and fair manner.

Professional Membership

  • Member of the International Water Association
  • Member of the East and Southern African Water Association