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   Date: 2018-07-10

By Samkelisiwe Khoza

Swazi Observer

Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Jabulile Mashwama has told new Swaziland Water Services Corporation (SWSC) board members to lead by example.

Mashwama was speaking during the first proper meeting of the newly -board yesterday. She said by being exemplary, the leadership and executive of the entity would be held accountable because they would be actually emulating what their leaders are doing.“People learn from what you do more than what you say,” she said.

She highlighted that even though the management reports to the board in terms of accountability, the performance of the corporation will reflect based on the person behind it. Mashwama said this would take the board members out of their comfort zone and put them into the public eye because they will be expected to take responsibility and answer questions on why certain events occurred that way.

Mashwama moved on and encouraged the new board to customise themselves with the guidlines and expections of a board member, for an example the Water Services Act of 2002 and the Public Enterprise Unit Act.She explained that these acts will display clear of what is expected from the corporation and the board.


Furthermore, the minister explained that SWSC is expected to provide water to the urban areas, whereas the Department of Water Affairs provide water to the rural areas. She added that the chiefdom water schemes had failed over the years and communities then required the intervention of the SWSC.

“Some of these schemes failed due to disputes amongst community members and some due to people who decided to just cut off the water pipes that supply the community with water,” Mashwama said. She then urged the new board to brace themselves for change because the King’s Vision requires every Liswati to have access to clean water.