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EWSC's lab technicians


The EWSC Main Laboratory is the nucleus of the quality assurance function of EWSC. It is located at Mountain View along Buntfu Road, before Mountain Inn. The lab’s geographical coordinates are: S 26?20.131’, E 31?08.977’. The EWSC Laboratory provides water and wastewater testing services for EWSC and other private customers which include wet industries, agro-businesses, private borehole, etc.


EWSC Lab has three in-house sampling programs, i.e. potable water (raw, treated, distribution), wastewater (influent, effluent, river water) and industrial effluent. All these are scheduled by the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which dictates from a day-day basis what samples have to be taken where and what analyses done thereof.

How do you get your water tested?